EOClone Christmas Quest Guide

Talk to Christmass Doll in center of Aeven she will ask you to find her 10 sisters.


4 of the dolls will require your to give them a item:5301

  • Doll 1 – Fairysoda (any size)
  • Doll 2 – jewelry (ring or elf bracelet)
  • Doll 3 – Food (ie Apple…)
  • Doll 4 – Hairdye (Any Color)


Use the map below to find all 10 and collect the 20 “Chirstmas Scrolls”

Doll Locations  (Click to Enlarge)


Once you have returned with the 20 Scrolls she will reward you with 20 addition scrolls.

These scrolls spawn a Christmas Chest Monster  4381

Click Here to view its info/Drops

Basically (Title Certificate, Festive Crystals, Christmas Hats and Unlore Turtle and Panda)

Also you can go back to the doll in the center of Aeven and goto Christmas World where you can fight Christmas dolls Click Here for there info



Still no info on what Festive Crystals do.


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